Recruitment/Training strategy & Managerial issues (2 days)



    "Fundamentals of electrodeposition of metallic alloys: state-of-the-art at European and International levels" (5 days)

    Mandatory training (2 credits/ESR)


    Basic Electrodeposition methods for the growth of sustainable amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys.


    Dr. S. Pané, ETHZ


     Dr. H. Cesiulis, VU


     Dr. L. Philippe, EMPA.

    "Electrochemical synthesis of porous alloys for environmental applications"


    Dr. E. Pellicer, UAB


    Dr. P. Rizzi, INRIM.

     Training in Metrology, Calibration and Standards


     Dr. P. Tiberto, INRIM

    *TSS: (organized by FINK in collaboration with EURAXESS) (1 credit/ESR)

    Internationalization of research, bridging scientific research environment between Eastern and Western Europe; exchange of experience, ‘best practices’ and establishing synergies between SELECTA and other European Training and Cooperative Actions, e.g., “European Cooperation in Science and Technology” (COST) or the “Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency” (EACEA).


    "Training on research methodologies, characterization techniques and reporting scientific results" (5 days)

    LIFW , CHAL, CITEDEC, FINK, IFW, UCAM, Mandatory Training (2 credits/ESR)


    Structural characterization: diffraction/imaging techniques
    Prof. U. Klement, CHAL

    Mechanical behavior of electrodeposited films and micro / nanostructures


    Dr. J. Fornell, UAB


    Dr. L. Philippe, EMPA


    Prof. C.A. Schuh, MIT

    Corrosion and wear resistance of electrodeposited metallic coatings garcia lecina
    Dr. E. García-Lecina, CIDETEC


    Dr. F. Zivic, FINK.


     Micromagnetics and magnetic properties of electrodeposited materials


    Prof. J. Sort, UAB


     Dr. A. Bollero


    *NA: Visit to IFW. Oral presentations by ESRs. Practical Training in electrochemical corrosion and nanomechanical characterization. 
    **TSS: (organized by IFW & Principiae) (http://www.principiae.be) (1 credit/ESR) 

    Interactive Training on "Effective Communication" 


    Dr. Jean-Luc Doumont, Principiae
    (1 day): how to make successful oral presentations, written documents, use of visual displays                              



    "Micro and nano-electrodeposition for MEMS/NEMS and micro/nano-robotic platforms. Overview of lithography methods. Impact to society" (5 days)

    HP, ETHZ, IFW, Mandatory Training (2 credits/ESR)


    Margitta Uhlemann

    Dr. M. Uhlemann, IFW

    MEMS/NEMS for biochemical applications


    Dr. D. Ahmed, ETHZ



    Sputtering techniques and applications

    Dr. Z. Barber, UCAM



    Pulse plating and pulse reverse plating


    Dr. W. Hansal, HP



    Laser induced electrochemistry


    Prof. Dr. W. Kautek



    *NA: Oral presentations by ESRs.
    **TSS: (Prof. A. L. Greer) (1 credit/ESR)

     Meet an editor



    Prof. A.L. Greer, UCAM, Ed. Philos. Mag.   
    Writing scientific papers, interpreting referee reports and decision letters; Ethical issues in publishing 

    "Bridging innovation and entrepreneurship with sustainable materials development" (6 days)


    (organized by CHAL in collaboration with GMV): http://www.gmv.chalmers.gu.se/english/ Mandatory Training (3 credits/ESR):


    "Sustainability awareness for researchers − experiences and practical examples


    Prof. Björn Johansson (CHAL)

    "What you also need to consider to make innovation out of promising research results"


    Prof. Peter Leisner (SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden)

    "The role of sustainable materials and Agenda 2030"


    Prof. K. Gårdfeldt, Director GMV



    "Introduction to EBSD technique"


     Dr. Dr. Yiming Yao (CHAL)
    *NA: Visit to GMV. Oral presentations by ESRs. Practical Training on EBSD. Meeting between the ESRs and the Officer from the Research Executive Agency (EC).
    **TSS: organized by the Coordinator and CHAL, in collaboration with "Chalmers Innovation" (http://www.chalmersinnovation.com/). (1 credit/ESR)

    Entrepreneurship: how to create spin-off, how to bring innovation to market, marketing strategy, quality control, certification, standardization.
    "Innovation aspects"


    André Kelkkanen (Chalmers Ventures)




    "Gateway to Academics: Materials modeling for target applications""Fundamentals of electrodeposition of metallic alloys: state-of-the-art at European and International levels" (5 days)

    Mandatory Training (4 credits/ESR): (8 days)


    Computational Methods in Materials Science


    Prof. C. Lekka, UOI

    Optimizing Materials Designs for robust MEMS/NEMS 


    Prof. A.L. Greer, UCAM



    Nanostructured lightweight Al alloys – processing for properties"

    J. Eckert

    Prof. J. Eckert, University of Leoben

    Properties optimization of Ti-based biomaterials by structural design

    M. Calin

    Prof. M. Calin , IFW

    Characterization of heterostructures arising by thermally and catalytically induced transformation of diamond surfaces

    T. Waitz

    Prof. T. Waitz , University of Vienna

    Thermo-mechanical finite element modeling of Shape Memory Alloys

    V. Dunic

    Prof. V. Dunic , FINK

    FEM basics and practical example: Influence of strain rate, temperature and adiabatic heating on mechanical behavior of 3D printed shape memory polymer PLA – Experimental and modelling analyses

    V. Slavkovic

    Dr. V. Slavkovic, FINK

    Opto-Electronic properties of graphene by Tight Binding

    E. Lidorikis

    Prof. E. Lidorikis, UOI

    Materials modelling by Molecular Dynamics

    D. Papageorgiou

    Prof. D. Papageorgiou, UOI
    *NA: Visit to UOI. Poster presentations by ESRs. Practical Training in applications of Computer Modelling to Materials Science
    **TSS: (organized by UOI, in collaboration with YR). (http://www.yellowresearch.nl/)

    "From PhD to Scientific Leadership": How to write successful Research Grants. Personal Training and Career Development
    (1 credit/ESR)


    "Gateway to industry: Introducing materials to market. Practical aspects"

    Mandatory Training (3 credits/ESR): (6 days) 


    Thin film deposition using physical methods

    Dr. Z. Barber, UCAM


    Mechanical testing at the micro and nanoscale: instruments and methods

    J M Breguet

    J-M.. Breguet,Alemnis AG

    Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Cambridge Experience"

    Y. Myint

    Dr. Y. Myint, Maxwell Centre

    Nanomaterials Playground: Magnetic Skymions, Magneto-Ionics and Metal Foams"

    K. Liu

    Prof. K.Liu, University of California, Davis

    Materials Development: innovation of new materials and devices from sciences to industrialization"

    N. Babscan

    Dr. N.Babcsán, Aluinvent

    Gender and cultural diversity in scientific research"

    M. Calin

    Assoc. Prof. M.Calin, IFW

    Small-scale machines: the role of electrochemical fabrication"

    S. Pané

    Dr. S.Pané, ETH Zurich

    Commercialising FFC – The Metalysis Story"

    M. Conti

    Dr. M.Conti, Metalysis Limited

    3D printing of magnetic nanostructures for computing and sensing applications"

    A. Fernández Pacheco

    Dr. A.Fernández-Pacheco, UCAM
     *NA: Visit to GRANTA company and Cavendish Laboratory
    **TSS: (organized by UCAM and UAB) (1 credit/ESR)

    How to apply for a Marie S. Curie Individual Fellowship (MSC-IF)"

    Q. González

    Q.González, UAB

    How to prepare for an interview"

    K. Hewitt

    K.Hewitt, Careers Adviser and Freelance Trainer


    "Overview of the SELECTA achievements. Final Reporting" (3 days) UAB

    *NA: Visit to ALBA synchrotron (Campus UAB)

     Electrochemical synthesis of magnetic metallic nanostructures: Fundamentals and applications

    Dr. J. M. García Torres

    Dr. J. M. García Torres (UPC)

     Single-use electrochemical power sources on paper

    Dr. Neus Sabaté Vizcarra

    Dr. N. Sabaté Vizcarra (CSIC-IMB-CNM)

     Are you ready for the next step: MSCA Individual Fellowships!?

    Dr. NataliaTintaru

    Dr. N. Tintaru (VU)

    **TSS: (organized by ThePaperMill)
     Grantwriting training

    Dr. Gavin Lucas

    Dr. G. Lucas (ThePaperMill)


    *NA: Network Activity; **TSS: Training in Soft Skills

Tribological and Corrosion Properties of Iron-Based Alloys
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Toward uniform electrodeposition of magnetic Co-W mesowires arrays: direct versus pulse current deposition
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/smll.201805006


Name (affiliation)

Event (activity)



Prof. J. Sort (UAB)     

 2015 EMN Spain (invited talk)

1-4 September 2015

San Sebastian,


M. Fernández (IFW)

Ph.D. Student seminar of the Institute of Complex Materials of the IFW Dresden (oral talk)

27-29 October 2015


Erzgebirge, Germany

M. Cialone (INRIM)

Italian School on Magnetism (poster)

18-12 April 2016

Milano, Italy

V. Sharma (FINK)

XVIII YUCORR International Conference (poster)

15 April 2016

Tara, Serbia

D. Bilican (UAB)

E. Dislaki (UAB)

Meet the fellows 2016 (oral talk)

22 April 2016



Prof. H. Cesiulis (VU)

Chemistry and chemical technology 2016 (invited talk)

28-29 April 2016

Vilnius, Lithuania

A. Nicolenco (VU)

Chemistry and chemical technology 2016 (poster)

28-29 April 2016

Vilnius, Lithuania

Prof. C. Lekka (UOI)

Computational studies of metallic-hybridic materials (training seminar)

4 May 2016




Prof. J. Sort (UAB)

The Armourers and Brasiers’ Cambridge Forum (invited talk)

14 June 2016


United Kingdom

S. Thirumalai (UCAM)

S. Kurdi (UCAM)

W. Hüttenes (UCAM)

The Armourers and Brasiers’ Cambridge Forum (poster)

14 June 2016


United Kingdom

S. Kurdi (UCAM)

W. Hüttenes (UCAM)

International Conference on Materials Design and Applications (poster)

1 July 2016

University of Porto, Portugal

C. Cutrano (UOI)

13th international conference on nanosciences and nanotechnologies NN16 (poster)

5-8 July 2016

Thessaloniki, Greece

W. Hüttenes (UCAM)

Junior Euromat 2016 (poster)

10-14 July 2016

Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr. A. Gebert (IFW)

Gordon Conference on Aqueous Corrosion Place (invited talk)

10-15 July 2016

Colby-Sawyer College, New London, USA

M. Cialone (INRIM)

EMSA 2016 (poster)

12-15 July 2016

Torino, Italy

A. Nicolenco (VU)

8th international conference on Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics (oral talk)

12-16 September 2016

Chisinau, Moldova

V. Sharma (FINK)

The Ninth International Scientific Conference “Contemporary Materials 2016“ (poster)

4-5 September 2016

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

C. Cutrano (UOI)

XXXII Panhellenic Conference on Solid State Physics and Materials Science (poster)

18-20 September 2016

University of Ioannina, Greece

A. Nicolenco (VU)

E-MRS Fall meeting (poster)

19-22 September 2016



M. Cialone (INRIM)

7th young researcher meeting (poster)

24-26 September 2016

INRIM, Torino, Italy

A. Mulone (CHAL)

Seminar series of the Department of Materials and Manufacturing Technology at Chalmers (oral talk)

10 October 2016



Dr. J. Malapeira (UAB)

Info day : Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (oral talk)

26 October 2016




M. Fernández (IFW)

Ph.D. Student seminar of the Institute of Complex Materials of the IFW Dresden (oral talk)

26-28 October 2016

Krippen, Saxony, Germany

E. Bertero (EMPA)

EPFL – TIC Laboratory (oral talk)

10 November 2016

Lausanne, Switzerland

E. Bertero (EMPA)

EMPA PhD students’ Symposium (poster)

14 November 2016

Dübendorf, Switzerland

E. Bertero (EMPA)

CCMX Winter SchoolCCMX Winter School“Additive manufacturing in metals andthe materials science behind it”(attendance)

29January 2017

Kandersteg, Switzerland

Antonio Mulone (CHALMERS), Aliona Nicolenco (UV), Aliona Nicolenco (UV), Mónica Fernández(IFW)

Open Readings 2017 (60thOpen Readings 2017 (60thinternational conference for students ofphysics and natural sciences)

14-17 March 2017

Vilnius, Lithuania

Evangelia Dislaki(UAB), Mónic fernández (IFW)

2017 MCAA Conference and General Assembly (poster)

24-25 March 2017

Salamanca, Spain

Prof. Henrikas Cesiulis (VU)

20 YEARS SUPPORTING RESEARCHERS (Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions) (invited talk)

7 April 2017

Lithuanian Research Council, Vilnius, Lithuania

Sundararajan Thirumalai (UCAM)

MRS (Materials Research Society's)

17-21 April 2017

Phoenix, USA

Evangelia Dislaki(UAB)

E-MRS (European Materials Research Society) (oral talk)

22-26 May 2017

Strasbourg, France

Doga Bilican (UAB)

IOP Plasmas, Surfaces and Thin Films: Early Career Researchers Meeting (poster)

22 June 2017

University of Loughborough, Leicestershire, England.

Doga Bilican (UAB)

13th International Conference on Materials Chemistry (MC13) (poster)

10-13 July 2017

Liverpool, England

Sundararajan Thirumalai (UCAM)

12th International workshop on electrodeposited nanostructures (oral talk)

16-18 July 2017

Sofia, Bulgaria

Sundararajan Thirumalai (UCAM)

2nd International Summer School on Multifunctional Smart Coatings and Surfaces (poster)

24-28 July 2017

Aveiro, Portugal

Dr. Natalia Tintaru (VU)

CEEC-TAC4 (4th Central and Eastern European Conference on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry) (oral talk)

31 August 2017

Chisinau, Moldova

C. Cutrano (UOI)

EUROMAT 2017 (European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes) (poster)

17-22 September 2017

Thessaloniki, Greece

E. Dislaki (UAB)

EUROMAT 2017 (European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes) (oral talk)

17-22 September 2017

Thessaloniki, Greece

Wilhelm Hüttenes (UCAM)

EUROMAT 2017 (European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes) (oral talk)

17-22 September 2017

Thessaloniki, Greece

E. Bertero (EMPA)

Empa PhD Symposium 2017: Standing on the shoulder of giants (poster)

13 November 2017

Dübendorf, Switzerland

A. Nicolenco (VU)

BALTTRIB'2017 (oral talk)

16-17 December 2017

Kaunas, Lithuania

S. Kurdi (UCAM)

2018 Joint meeting of the DPG and EPS Condensed Matter Divisions (oral talk)

11-16 March 2018

Berlin, Germany

E. Dislaki (UAB)

2018 EMN Milan Meeting (invited talk)

9-13 July 2018

Milan, Italy

S. Kurdi (UCAM)

International Conference on Magnetism (ICM) (oral talk)

19 July 2018

San Francisco, USA

Aliona Nicolenco (VU)


Doga Bilican (UAB)


Antonio Mulone (CHALMERS)


Enrico Bertero (EMPA)


Carla Cutrano (UOI)


Evangelia Dislaki (UAB) AND Matteo Cialone (INRIM)


Telf:+34 93 581 2085
Fax:+34 93 581 2155

H2020 logo

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 642642


SELECTA is a highly interdisciplinary initiative which has the primary goal of training young researchers in the field of smart electrodeposited metallic alloys suitable for environmental / sustainable development applications.



SELECTA project is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network that offers the possibility to pursue the PhD within the Network at different research centers.15 PhD positions are funded by the European Community under Horizon 2020 




SELECTA seeks to achieve the target purposes using a sustainable approach, designing alloy compositions without/with minimum amounts of scarce or toxic elements, while employing environmentally-friendly, minimally invasive electrolytic baths.