Art in Magnetism, INTERMAG 2018


Art in Magnetism, INTERMAG 2018

Matteo Cialone, the SELECTA ESR from INRIM, was awarded in the "Art in Magnetism" contest hosted in the INTERMAG 2018 conference which took place in Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore between the 23rd and 27th of April 2018. The aim of this contest was to highlight the beauty of magnetism and magnetic materials. For this, four prizes were awarded to images selected by a panel of judges as well as by popular vote (see below the four pictures selected: “Art in Magnetism winners”). The picture submitted by Matteo Cialone, entitled "My nano sunflowers", was selected by popular vote and it was recognized at the evening session on the 25th of April. The image which represents sub-micrometric structures of Fe70Pd30 was acquired by scanning electron microscopy at the Nanofacility Piemonte at INRIM and it was colorized after the acquisition. To get further details on the image, please see below: “Image information”.


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